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Tax Problems

Tax Problems & Semi Trucks Weigh the Same on Your Shoulders.

IRS letters, hijacked paychecks, unexpected penalties… tax anxiety can get real, fast. That’s why MoneySolver is here. We know that good people fall into bad tax situations and need a little (or big) lift to get back on track and resolve tax problems. Read about some of the most common tax issues we help solve below.


Move Forward from Back Taxes

Everyone procrastinates sometimes. But when your tax return goes unfiled or back taxes go unpaid for too long, you have delinquent taxes. You won’t see any IRS tax refunds and may suffer escalated actions like liens and levies if you can’t pay. You don’t have to face the scary tax monster alone. Our team of tax pros – ranging from enrolled agents to tax analysts – can show you which forms of back taxes help are best for you.


Unlock the Grip of a Tax Lien

The IRS can issue a tax lien on your home and business assets if you have delinquent taxes. It makes things like selling a home, getting a credit card, or applying for a mortgage nearly impossible. If you can’t fully pay the debt, our tax professionals will help you solve the issue and get the lien released. From an offer in compromise to a payment plan, we’ll ensure you have the right tax lien fix for your tax

Overcome IRS Tax Levy Shambles

A levy allows the IRS to block your income and assets in the name of satisfying your debt. The IRS can use levies to take your tax refund, claim your property, or even garnish your wages. That means so long to affording your regular bills like cars, mortgage, and cell phone. But with the help of our tax law experts, you don’t have to lose any more sleep over a potential tax levy. They’ll deal with the IRS on your behalf to ensure your income and property stays in your hands.

Stop IRS Tax Penalties Sticker Shock

Taxes are hard, we know. And sometimes, you file late or make mistakes. IRS interest and penalties are inevitable when you owe tax debt. But many times, the interest that builds up when you’re dealing with back taxes is higher than even a credit card. We can help prevent aggressive collection actions and solve your tax frustrations. Our tax team can also explore the option of IRS tax penalty abatement to see if your tax liability can be reduced.

Have you received a letter from the IRS about back taxes owed?

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