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Hi, We're MoneySolver

Dealing with money is complicated. That's why we set out to help people overcome the intimidation of student loan debt, tax issues, and small business finances. Life change begins with a no-commitment conversation.

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IRS Tax Debt Relief is Our Jam

And we’ve been doing it for a loooong time. Our group of experienced tax professionals know the ins and outs of the IRS and how to get you back on good terms with Uncle Sam (and out of the tax-debt pit).

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Rock Your Small Business

Entrepreneurial dreams are only as real as the relationships and dollars that get you there. That goes for those riding solo, too. No matter your team size, we’ll partner with you to launch and grow your new venture. All you have to do is get those giant ribbon-cutting scissors ready.

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Find Student Loan Forgiveness

There’s no need to visit the confessional booth. Whether you need a break on those ridiculous monthly payments or to resolve a messy student loan situation, our loan-problem-slayin’ advisors can help.

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Whether it's

student loan forgiveness garnishment help tax refund offset student loan deferment getting out of default income based repayment bookkeeping small business finances IRS tax help

we can help you solve it.

Solve Your Tax Problems

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“I was quite cautious initially thinking of someone we didn't even know handling a delicate and serious situation as ours. But it didn't take long at all to figure out we had made the best decision possible. While we were taking care of "life," they were taking care of us. They were on top of everything from the beginning and saw it through 'til the end. Then they offered a program that kept us in the loop until the entire debt is paid. Very nice knowing that someone has our back. I will ALWAYS keep them in speed dial and always recommend them to anyone.”

— Dusty M.

“MoneySolver and its associates were beyond helpful in managing my student loan debts, assisting me in getting on an affordable payment plan and out of default.”

— Cori G.

“When my taxes were taken, I was recommended to them by a coworker. I called up and had my debt settled quickly, and even reduced it by a lot. [MoneySolver was] very supportive in the process and in explaining what would happen. I would recommend for any who don't know what to when they're stuck and need help.”

— Quincy B.

“I needed some serious help with student loans and garnishment issues. My Student Loan Advisor worked with me and was very patient and understanding. When I was ready, she quickly moved my case to the next level. So far I am pleased and satisfied. I'm so happy to see relief is on the way!”

— Carrie S.

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About MoneySolver

MoneySolver is a national financial services company based in Jacksonville, Florida that helps people and businesses overcome their student loan, tax, business, and credit obstacles. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and in business since 2007, our financial and tax professionals transform lives through customized and smart money solutions.

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