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Emoji Scholarship, August

Emoji Scholarship Winners

2019 winner
Emoji Scholarship 2019 Winner

Caitlyn McNabb

Graduate Student
Primm Springs, TN

“With mere appreciation and gratitude, I am thankful that MoneySolver has chosen to invest in my education. Behind this scholarship, I know that there is a committee that believes in me, that wants to see me overcome adversity, and that has challenged me to achieve my utmost success. Thank you, MoneySolver, for your investment, support, and confidence in my future”

Oddly, I am often found half-opened, wedged under a tissue box, and even idling on the floor. I do not stay on the floor forever; just until someone rescues me. Beaming with excitement, I am happy to be noticed again. I like to be given attention every day, but I will wait here forever until she is ready for me again. Sometimes people can tell that I am well-loved, and unfortunately, I see the scours in their faces when they look at my physique. However, my friends understand that I have much more to offer than my appearance. I impart fun-filled adventures, a plethora of wisdom, and the most loyal companionship, and I even soak up those stray, wandering tears. When I go to sleep at night, I am nestled between all of my friends, and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by those who love and appreciate me. As a college student, a librarian, and a life-long book enthusiast, I am often surrounded by books. Books line my headboard, over-crowd my ceiling-to-floor bookshelves, and even are wedged underneath my car seats. I am the person who brings a book to the doctor’s office and who tries to finish another chapter during my lunch break. I could not imagine my life without books. Books, whether for academic or leisurely purposes, are my favorite accessories. I have carried this quality from childhood through adulthood. Thus, I consider the stacked books emoji as an accurate, modern-day depiction of my novel life 📚.

2018 winner

Esther Lapite

College Sophomore
Poway, CA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh so very much to MoneySolver for considering me as a worthy investment for the Emoji scholarship. I’m so incredibly overjoyed – as well as my teary eyed sisters and mother after hearing this wonderful news- and couldn’t possibly show enough appreciation to how wonderful this opportunity is!”

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what other art form can meticulously collide both concepts than that of an emoji? Although there are 43 muscles used to form my many complex facial expressions, there is only one emoji that I deem relative enough to my personality to express them all. And that beautifully digitized masterpiece looks like this😳. At first glance this advanced treasure to emoticons seems fixated and only able to curate a limited set of emotions. But I say one should be deemed foolish to think in such a way, for an entire spectrum of sentimentality can be perceived from those perplexed eyes, mute lips, and flushed cheeks. By sending this emoji followed by an incoherent sentence, I can prove myself to be embarrassed by a confession, flushed with flattery, steaming with anger, or be stunned in utter confusion, all within the same context. I could be holding on to a secret and be near exploding from pursing my lips for too long about the matter. The real question now is, how can this emoji not be the ideal representative for all our day to day consequences? How can it not be a perfect representation of my complexity? So with that said, I can’t help but say that this emoji and I are one and the same: perplexing, emotional, and ever so diversified. And that’s how I like it 😳.

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