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dan voellinger cfo

Dan Voellinger

Chief Financial Officer

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If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.​

Henry Ford

  • Dan’s first job was at a sign factory. Long-haired freaky people need not apply.
  • Life is a big sandbox for Dan, whether he’s playing beach volleyball or avoiding bunkers on the golf course.
  • If he could live anywhere besides Jacksonville, he’d split time between Pebble Beach, CA and Vail, CO.

As CFO, Dan Voellinger is the ultimate money-solver at MoneySolver. Using business know-how and lots of spreadsheets, he keeps the company prioritized and focused on growth. This effort allows us to offer affordable services and try new things.

Dan started his finance career as an insurance underwriter for outdoor sporting guides (hey, someone had to cover all those ATV accidents). A Seminole at heart, Dan majored in finance and entrepreneurship at Florida State University. He then went to earn an MBA at Wake Forest University. As a grad student, he interned at Pepsi and FedEx. To this day, he won’t order a Sprite.