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Valentine’s Day Scholarship, February

Valentine’s Day Scholarship Winners

2020 winner

Valentine's Day scholarship 2020 winner

Katrina Crump

Non-Traditional Student
Vancouver, WA

“As a non-traditional student returning to school to begin a new career a little help goes a long way. I would like to thank MoneySolver for the opportunity to reduce my tuition and reducing some of the worry about paying tuition. I enjoyed the writing prompt and had fun taking on a unique perspective and expressing my thoughts and feelings.”

My human, she is kind
We spend our quiet days together
Love must really be blind
I knock things down
I tear through the house
I demand your lap when you’re busy
You tolerate it all just fine

One day you bought new clothes
Where is my new toy
You also bought new perfume
Must I be coy
Where is my new treat
What is this ploy
You don’t normally forget about me

Today was to be mine
You’re leaving me alone
I stared at you eyes wide
New perfume, new clothes
But who is that human
I didn’t like how he smelled
I thought today was going fine

I await your return
I hear the car approach
I hear the key turn
I welcome you home
“Chirrup” all is well

You don’t even look at me
I can tell you’re sad
I smell your salt-tears
Cause’ you’re feeling bad
You crawl into bed without so much a word
I come to cuddle up close, a comfort to your hurt

You finally look at me smiling a little
You speak in my language
Telling me a little
He hurt you I hear, he wasn’t a nice guy
After all you’ve done for me with you I must cry

For all the silly little things you bought
The chocolates, the gifts, just for this one shot
Nothing matters so much as the one that matters
My love is yours and yours mine
When we have each other, you need no Valentine

2019 winner

Rafi Saqer - Valentine's Day Winner

Rafi Saqer

High School Senior
Houston, TX

“MoneySolver took a chance on my weird little essay, and I’m incredibly grateful and surprised by their generosity!”

Just a decade ago, I was a chubby Arab kid with a wispy mustache. You’d think my appearance would have made me an outcast, but my humor, talent for storytelling, and eagerness to entertain made me socially affluent. My charisma was credited to the hundreds of movies I watched, as I stayed up late flipping through channels stumbling upon Hollywood gold like She’s the Man, Uptown Girls, and The Devil Wears Prada. What captivated me about them most were the smart, spunky female leads. Each character determinedly chased some goal. Whether it was a soccer championship, a transition into adulthood, or a career in journalism, they fought through each journey with a picturesque backdrop and fantastic hair. The more I watched, the more I felt a yearning to embark on my cinematic journey, and the inspirational messages each film posed empowered me to do so. When I realized my goal was to create films like these, my life became angled at applying for the University of Southern California. With dozens of artfully curated Spotify playlists comprised of movie soundtracks to motivate me, I’ve reached the end of my high school career at the top of my class. However, high tuition rates have sneakily gained on me like an M. Night Shyamalan antagonist, which is why I’d prefer a $1,000 scholarship. In my case, it is more than money. It’s an essential piece of the plotline I’ve orchestrated for myself and a relic of Valentine’s Day tradition–keeping Chick Flicks alive.

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