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#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
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New Year’s Resolution Scholarship Winners

2019 winner
New Year's Resolution 2019 Winner

Maham Sharif

College Freshman
Berkeley Heights, NJ

“A bit of help comes a long way. I’d like to thank MoneySolver for easing a part of my worry about all the debt that I could potentially have under my belt – the writing prompt was fun, and they rewarded me for it, too! Thank you!”

Drenched in cold sweat, as the impending New Year creeps closer, I realize I must face the most challenging resolution I have ever had: creating the perfect poached egg. People think I’m joking, but restaurants make customers pay a fortune when ordering poached eggs. I deserve to enjoy a warm, tear-drop shaped, runny-yolked poached egg atop of my avocado toast without going into debt. And though I try time and time again to prepare it right, I fail. I plop an egg into water, but instead of staying intact, it disperses into several different directions. However, in 2019, I swear I will unscramble the secret to the art of egg preparation. This year, I feel my New Year’s resolution, although challenging, is attainable – I fully intend to practice making the perfect poached egg until I finally get it right. If a simple egg can win over Instagram even more than Kylie Jenner can, then surely my egg making skills can be honed. My quest for egg perfection this year will not be “over-easy”!

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