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#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
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Halloween Costume Scholarship Winners

2018 winner

Aidan Brown

College Freshman
Blacksburg, VA

“I’m honestly elated to be given this scholarship to help aid my impending debt. I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at MoneySolver, for you all have truly saved my life.”

I never understood the whole appeal of this human holiday. I mean, “howl-o-ween,” what kind of word is that? Humans need to get with the times like us dogs and communicate with a small assortment of cute animal noises. Anyways, back to this strange religious holiday my owners just seem to adore. They shed their pelt for some other more elaborate pelt and transform into a completely different entity, and honestly, I would not recognize them if it weren’t for the smell. Afterwards, my owners go out in their disguises to battle real monsters by poisoning them with free, seemingly innocent chocolate. Hey, I don’t understand the lack of empathy for their blood lust either, but at least the monsters don’t come back for another year.

Sometimes my owners let me join them for the night. The first year they inducted me into their monster hunting squad was probably my favorite, however, as it was a novel concept. They called me over, looked me in the eyes and uttered my name, “Sit-Girl.” I knew this had to be serious, as they never used my full name in vain, so I gave them my full attention. “Look at this cute spider costume girl! Don’t you want to join in the fun,” they asked me without expecting my full consent. I valiantly sat and gave them a reassuring bark. That day I transformed into a monstrous spider dog and saved the world again from short ghouls and goblins.

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