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Father’s Day Scholarship, June

Father’s Day Scholarship Winners

2019 winner​
Fathers Day Scholarship Winner 2019

Emilynn Roehrich

College Sophomore
Lynnwood, WA

Squinting at the bright computer screen in the darkness of the basement, I looked over my code again and again for errors. The parts that my dad had written were messy, but apparently worked. Deciding to trust in my dad’s judgement, I clicked on the button to run the code… and the lifelike R2D2 beside me came to life, beeping as intended. Like many others, my dad inspired me to choose my career and hobbies. Though I was a girl in a conservative Christian household, expected by my extended family to grow up to serve my husband, my dad encouraged me to do otherwise. He built gadgets, little remote control cars and robots, making sure to tell me all about the process. His work kept him far from home, but he always brought gifts back from his travels, which I treasure even now. He always had a project he was working on, whether it was a small RC car or a life-size R2D2 droid, bouncing from one to the next with no end in sight. As a child, I looked up to him more than anyone in the world for his endless enthusiasm towards robotics. And now, I hope to continue his legacy through creating robots that will help the world.

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