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#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
#PayMyStudentLoans Contest

Easter Scholarship Winners

2019 winner​
Easter Scholarship Winner 2019

Shannon Cole

College Junior
San Francisco, CA

“I’m so happy that MoneySolver understands your past does not dictate your future, and that anyone can change their lives with hard work. The Easter scholarship absolutely displays MoneySolver’s commitment to helping people throughout all stages of their financial journeys!”

In the spirit of renewal, rebirth and resurrection, I would create an Easter scholarship that recognizes the new academic achievements of students who previously attempted college with little success. Eligible students are those over the age of 25, with a gap of at least 2 years between enrollment, and show substantial improvement over prior poor performance with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the most recent school year. As a reward for their improvements, students would receive a $5,000 scholarship for use towards tuition and other school-related expenses. An essay would be required, answering the question “What changes have you made in your life in order to achieve your educational goals as a returning student?”. The purpose of this scholarship is to honor the students that truly recognize that failure is the best teacher. Re-entry students know the impact of missing homework and skipping lectures, and often return to the classroom with more desire to work hard and excel. They set an example to other students, and are often leaders in the classroom. In addition, re-enrollment students and adult learners are often too old to qualify for other scholarships, but have greater financial need than younger students. Many adult learners are forced to make difficult financial decisions to fund their educations, delicately balancing the expenses of daily life and school. This is a scholarship which could change the life of a student by easing a substantial financial burden.

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