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Dealing with financial issues is stressful. Most of our clients contact us because they’re frustrated and reached the end of their ropes. Our goal is to help them find the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey is often long and there can be bumps in the road. Are we perfect? Far from it, but we do our best to deliver top-notch customer service every time. We can’t make everyone happy, but the majority of those we work with are thankful that they found us. Here are just a few of their reviews.

“My experience was better than I could have hoped for. The process was easy and any questions I had along the way, were quickly answered beyond my satisfaction. Kristine was the agent who worked with me, and she made the experience feel very personal. Any time I called, she remembered exactly who I was, and the details of my case. I didn’t feel like I was just another customer. And it made a difference in my peace of mind. Even after arrangements were made with the IRS, Kristine remained available to answer more questions or handle correspondence I received from IRS. There were no hidden fees and no promises made that weren’t kept. I would recommend MoneySolver to anyone considering them. And though I hope to never have to use them again, I would without hesitation if the need arose.”
“When I found out my husband had not paid our taxes for six years I almost had a heart attack. I am not one that understands numbers very well nor do I understand legal terms at all. I was able to be connected with Ruth who has been extremely patient with me easy-going and would repeat things as many times as I needed her to for me to understand it. She would send me stuff through email wait till I receive it and then she had me look at it while she graciously walked me through what I needed to do. Then she would talk me off the ledge and we always ended our call with us laughing! I could not ask for a better relationship with the company that deals with the IRS so I don’t have to!”
“MoneySolver is the absolute best tax prep and tax advisor that I have worked with… I have been working with them for the past 5 years. I went to them during a crisis period in my life and decided to continue with them based on their excellent counsel as well as their excellent customer service. It’s very difficult today to find advisors that are competent as well as trustworthy. You will be safe here!”
“When researching student loan help MoneySolver kept coming up. I was skeptical initially because I was scammed by a company in Florida (I always said if the company is in FL I’m not dealing with them), I took a leap of faith & contacted MoneySolver. I was assigned to Dafina & she has worked miracles for me regarding my student loans, lowering my monthly payments by $300.”
“Money solver has been a lifesaver for me. At a time I was most distressed and discouraged, MoneySolver saved me from my despair with caring, intelligent and valuable assistance. I am not prone to hyperbole, but the personal attention and genuine care shown by MoneySolver was literally the answer to a prayer.”
“This company helped me develop a plan to get my loans out of default and stop wage garnishment. Very friendly and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone needing help with student loan issues.”

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