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#PayMyTaxes Winners

2019 Winners!

PayMyTaxes Winners

Allie Bax (Daughter) & Toni Daro (Mom)

Federal Taxes Owed: $11,910.00

“Thank you MoneySolver for reading my essay and blessing my mom with your financial assistance. It truly means more to me than you may ever know. When I say this would be life-changing, I wholeheartedly mean it.”

I don’t even know if this is allowed or if it will disqualify me, but I am entering this on behalf of my mother. She has tax debt, I do not. But the only reason she has tax debt is because an old life insurance policy came back to bite her in the butt after she used it to help her five children who she was a single mother to. My father passed away when I was sixteen and she has been the absolute rock, rock star, and glue that has held my family together. For years and years, I have watched and still watch her struggle financially and it destroys me inside. She is the only parent I have left, and she put in such a solid and honest effort to make ends meet and handle her business on her own. She doesn’t live lavishly, heck, she rarely even treats herself to a new clothing item or food treat. She is an incredible human who was dealt some really crappy cards but has made the best of it, kept her sense of humor through it all, and always put her children and grandchildren before herself. She is so incredibly deserving of this tax debt relief and I hope you will consider helping her! Thanks in advance for your consideration in reading this.

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