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#PayMyStudentLoans Contest Quarter One

#PayMyStudentLoans Winners

Meet our lucky #PayMyStudentLoans Contest winners. Don’t see your name? No worries. We award $10,000 every quarter, so be sure to submit an application for your chance to be our next winner. And, don’t forget to check out our $1,000 & $2,500 student loan scholarships to help pay off your debt. Good luck!

2020 Q1 Winner!

PayMyStudentLoan Contest Q1 Winner

Doug Brooks

2018 College Graduate
Orem, UT

“I’m still in disbelief that I actually won.”

“I just want to see the ocean one last time,” she sighed as she looked at me with her feeble brown eyes. Her thinning body and frail hands rested on the afghan she knitted years before, when her fingers where much nimbler. I gently squeezed her hand and promised my grandma if she got better, I would take her to the beach. She never got her dying wish. Every time I look at the mantle where her urn sits, that twisting knife of regret reminds me of that. If I had the money, I would take a trip to California to walk along Coronado Beach, her favorite. The irony is her accumulated hours in the hot California sun ultimately became her demise. Spreading her ashes into the water she loved would bring some peace and closure. Watching them swirl and dissolve, being washed away by the sand and salt, the crashing waves could scrub off some of the painful layers of losing her. It would only be fitting for her to return to the place that she loved as a child, fell in love with her sweetheart, and shared that love of the ocean with me. I imagine her looking up at the sun one last time saying, “Thank you. I am home.”

2019 Winner!

The #PayMyStudentLoans $50,000 Winner

Madelyne Moloney

2017 College Graduate
Arlington Heights, IL

“OH MY GOODNESS! I haven’t stopped shaking. Thank you and the entire Money Solver team SO MUCH! You all are miracle workers and have changed my life!!”

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