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Resolve Business Challenges

Stuff happens, even when you’re following your ambitions. One missed tax deadline turns into two. Those IRS letters keep coming. When the you-know-what hits the fan, the MoneySolver team can help with business challenges such as resolving tax-related debt, navigating audits, or guiding you through final business filings. We can help you define the problem and come up with a plan of action to solve it. Get over business hurdles and back on track with the right support for a team of expert business problem solvers.

Tax Debt Solutions

There are so many intricate requirements to keep your doors (or website) open. Sometimes, tax-related obligations fall through the cracks while you’re running your business. Whether you’re stuck with liabilities from payroll tax, sales tax, penalties, or workers comp, it can wreck your ability to grow in the long run. And that hurts. Our tax pros know all the specific rules involving your state and the IRS to get you to the best customized resolution. And when it comes to addressing these tax debt relief issues, urgency is key since you can be personally liable. Let us give you a hand.

Services include:

  • Power of Attorney Representation by a Licensed Tax Professional
  • Comprehensive Tax Analysis
  • Financial Review
  • Payment Agreement Negotiation
  • Personal Liability Penalty Solutions

Tax Audit Services

Nothing can send your blood pressure through the roof like a tax audit. With revenue pressure on both federal and state fronts, your business can become the ultimate piggy bank. With MoneySolver’s tax audit help, you’ll be assigned a licensed tax professional that will represent your business before the auditor to prove your case and mitigate damage. We can keep you out of the audit hot seat (or penalty box) by reviewing prior tax returns. That way, you can make smart amendments before auditors come sniffing around. It’s a win-win for your business and the IRS.

Services include:

  • Power of Attorney Representation by a Licensed Tax Professional
  • Comprehensive Business Review
  • Comprehensive Response Filing & Negotiations
  • Review and Amended Return Filing (when applicable)
  • Debt Resolution Options

Sales Tax Nexus Services

When you sell in multiple states, you could be responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax in each state. And the tax rules for online business owners are mind-blowingly complicated. As an online seller, you may be unintentionally neglecting tax responsibilities, or even making unnecessary payments. SalesNexusSolverTM is designed to validate awareness of where in the U.S. you have nexus and the corresponding requirements.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Business Review
  • Sales Tax Responsibility Analysis
  • State-by-state Compliance Summary

Close Corporate Filing Requirement Services

Time to hang up your work boots and move on? It’s not as easy as locking up for the last time. When it’s time to close shop, the IRS and state require paperwork and action items for your closing business. Our Close Corporate Filing Requirement Services provide a summary of these requirements, then walk you through how to do it efficiently. It’s time to start the next chapter of your life.

Services include:

  • Dissolution Checklist
  • Form Simplification with Step-by-step Instructions
  • Final Tax Return Filings
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