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About MoneySolver

MoneySolver™ is a national financial services company based in Jacksonville, Florida that helps people and businesses overcome their student loan, tax, business, and credit obstacles. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, our financial and tax professionals transform lives through customized solutions.

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MoneySolver Leadership

Tom Baumlin

Chief Executive

Suzanne Giddens

Chief People Officer

Dan Voellinger

Chief Financial Officer

Our Story

Hold on to your hats. This is epic!

Customer Reviews

“My experience with MoneySolver has been amazing!…very professional and very knowledgeable about up to date student loan laws… extremely helpful!”
“I would recommend this company to anyone that needs financial assistance… performed above and beyond my expectations. Thanks!”
“When my taxes were taken, I was recommended to them by a coworker. Called up and had my debt settled quickly and even reduced it by a lot. Very supportive in the process and explaining what would happen. I thank all who helped me get debt free!”

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